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Bespoke Service :
You are welcome to come and see SC Pieces and discuss your couture dream dress.

SC will offer you a bridal consultation service - where we can discuss your mood board,  inspirations and make strategic suggestions.

You may book an appointment by contacting us by email
WhatsApp: 07311237564 

Let us bring your vision to life

Free consultation @SC.

Share your ideas, collect your ideas, have a vision. 

If it’s for formal party wear, you can contact directly via the form and we can commence a  conversation with you regarding your exceptions. 

we will then discuss;

• Your Vision  ​

• Our Artistry  ​

• your style 

• Colour variations  

• Measurements 

• Budget expectations.


Once you confirm an order and contracts have been reviewed and you are happy to go  ahead:

SC will then go through the following stages: 

• Measurement 

• Colour patch testing.  

• Fabric swatches 

• Sketching 

• Khaka drawings  

• Placement of hand embellishments on the craft board (udda). 

• Tailoring 

Journey of your outfit

SC will keep in touch as your private style consultant and we will keep you updated with the  journey of your outfit, so you are always in the loop and feel confident in your final product.

Bridal appointment

Every SC package is gold star

I guess the time has come, you now have the big day to plan and as you embark on this  beautiful journey you will have lots to get through, let’s start with making the “dress making  “part easy and magical.

Allow us to help you

Do your research

Research your concepts, you can cut out magazine pictures create an online folder with  pictures of designs/cuts/colours /style/embellishments you like.  

These are key factors in creating a couture gown unique to your image and personality.  

SC take pride in defining each of these elements and making it possible to create your vison  with our concepts, allowing a master piece to be created.  

Allow some time to book an appointment and discussion to flow and ideas to flourish.

Book an appointment

via contact form or directly

Initial appointment 

The initial appointment will last an hour, and SC will review all the discussions you may have  had via the contact form and all your ideas thus far.  

You will meet with the designer and share your vison, reflect on colours and visualise a mood  board come together.  

In discussion, we will review the following: your function date, function theme, colours,  jewellery, make up, hair and even your shoes! Finally, the style and cut that will suit your  body size and image.  

SC promise to guide you, advise you and support your vision.


Once we have concluded your ideas, and you are ready to go ahead we will complete the  contract and commence work.  

This will include:

a) Finalising your colour patch test, embellishment test patches and then we will have a  follow up on this to confirm all details, match jewellery etc. 

b) We will start the drawings of the embellishments and prepare all the fabrics  needed.  

c) Embellishments will be placed on the artistry board and you will be sent updates.  d) All final images/work will be confirmed and then if needed we will re measure, before  final tailoring.

Fitting and measurement

After your contract, has been drawn SC will measure you according to the fitting of the dress  cut and style. Any small changes to your body size during artistry and tailoring we will re  measure.


  •  Reflect upon all your research and ideas. When speaking to friends/family take note  of their opinion but try to remember essentially this outfit has to suit you and work  for you. It would be advisable if you wish to attend your appointment alone or bring  that someone who knows you well and won’t have a conflict of opinion.  

  • Bring your research portfolio with you to the initial appointment, and any shoes, bags  jewels you may have already purchased.  

  • Allow yourself time before the wedding to pamper yourself.

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Glisten and Sparkle



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