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Terms & Conditions Of Safa Couture

This website gathers a few personal data from users.


Owner and Data Controller

Locations - London

Registered number: 13772932

At Safa Couture, we are committed to protecting the data and privacy of our customers, staff members, and others. We never intend to keep any other information except names, email addresses, and contact numbers and never share any details with third parties. In addition, we never retain home addresses, personal data like gender, date of birth, or financial information after 7 days of any completed transaction (s).


Other than this, we have several terms and conditions for other specific aspects that you can find below:


Shipping And Easily Tracking Orders


We give access to our customers to shipment and tracking their orders. Though we deliver orders on time, we still keep the customers informed about when or until they will receive your order, even though we prepare orders only on request for a specific product you want.


Speedy & Safe Delivery


At Safa Couture in the UK, we safely deliver our customers’ orders at our recommended time. Moreover, we make sure you don’t have to keep waiting for your order for a longer time. However, we take orders in advance and manufacture clothes for individual clients at their request, and each part of the product (dress) journey is shared with them.


No return policy


A refund and return policy means that Safa Couture doesn't accept returns after the final delivery and will not be provided replacement or compensation for purchased items. Once the customer has purchased the items, they can no longer return or exchange them.


Unique designs


We use unique and premium designs to prepare any clothes at our business, Safa Couture, which makes our brand premium. Further, our team of designers and manufacturers works hard, day & night, to meet the requirements of our customers. Remember, we don’t permit anyone to steal or copy our designs. If anyone does copy any design, it will come under ‘copyright,’ and strict legal actions will be taken.


Our Cookies


Cookies are just small text files that a website sends to a browser when a user visits that website. It helps you easily visit the website again. In addition, cookies are used by  to record your visits and what items you mostly click on. For your kind information, cookies cannot harm your system. Safa Couture stores personally identify details, like credit card information, in our cookies. Still, we use the encrypted data we collect from cookies from them to maximize your experience on our site. They also help us to find and fix your problems.


Legal Necessity


In today’s digital era, most businesses gather personal information from a website. Besides, this might be data from site visitors or just when a potential user reaches out for the information in a website form. If the site is collecting personal data, it’s a legal necessity to have a privacy notice posted on the website. A lack of adherence can result in hefty fines, so following the Safa Couture privacy notice template is vital to ensure compliance.

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